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Dolomite Powder
We are offering here the high quality Dolomite Powder for use in the various commercial and industrial applications. The offered powder is very safe and effective for use. It is made for effective performance.
Quartz Powder
We are here supplying the high quality Quartz Powder for use in the various commercial applications. The offered Powder is very safe for use and made available by us in various quantities. It is very essential in production processes.
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
There are different variants of Precipitated Calcium Powder that are made available by us for use in the commercial and industrial applications. The powder is very effective and suitable for manufacturing of various items. It is very safe.
Calcium Carbonate Precipitated
We have a wide variety of Calcium Carbonate Precipitated with us. It is very essential and safe for use. The offered calcium carbonate is very useful and suitable for various industrial processes and manufacturing of items. It is very efficient.
Quick Lime
Offered Quick Lime is produced in klin at high temperature condition. This mineral has wide applications in cement, steel, paper, glass and mortar manufacturing plants. Offered in powder and lump forms, this substance requires less time to dry.
Hydrated Lime
Hydrated Lime is offered in white free flow powder form. It has 580 degree C melting point and it is offered in 90% pure form. This mineral based substance is used as effective ph adjuster, coagulating agent, impurity removing factor and softener in different industries.